About us


Our Vision – to be a reliable partner to the client and a bridge enabling successful transition from idea to success

Our Mission – to provide our clients with reliable project management services of highest quality standard appreciate and solve clients’ problems, attract professional and dedicated resources.

Bridge Group is a team of professional project managers and consultants specializing on implementing and supporting complicated, challenging and interesting projects. Our group of companies is created with the participation of international investors.

Offices & representatives: Astana, Kiev, Moscow, Vienna, Paris.

Our clients are state and private companies, state authorities, major oil and gas and industrial companies realizing large-scale projects. Our role in such projects and businesses is to be the operator; we act as operators, project managers and clients’ analytical center. We develop project strategies, compile project teams of the best professionals and companies available so that they meet the exact goal set for the project by the client, select business partners and manage the project until its completion.

We are tasked with rapid and professional project organization, defining project strategy and plan, case study, recruiting necessary human resources into project groups, and project control.

We act on behalf of our clients and represent their interests in conducting negotiations and settling deals with investors, business partners and subcontractors. We act as advisors, independent directors and hired managers.