Our services:


Bridge Consulting

  • Strategy consulting
  • Project management
  • Bussines development

Bridge Education

  • Educational technologies
  • E-learning and training

Bridge Startups

  • Corporate innovations
  • Startup acceleration


Bridge Security

  • Information security
  • Cyber security

Our activities:

Project strategy (Strategic consulting)

Based on current data and analysis results we develop investor’s (participant’s) strategy in the project, from the moment of entry until the moment of exit from the project. In many cases, we act as an analytical center. We conduct deep market analysis, run analyses and diagnostics of companies; prospective partners and business counter parties, assess potential risks and trends of project development, carry out financial modeling and develop strategic and operational plans and budgets. We prepare a project from the start until the end, defining its plan, time schedule, potential scenarios, execution format, and preparing risks and results forecast. We make information ready for feasible decision-making and assist the client in the negotiation process.

Building project teams (HR-consulting)

While conducting project problem solving or under special instructions of our clients, we select managers and specialists for project teams, managerial teams.

We organize search and selection of candidates, check their qualification, personal and professional features, compose and instruct project teams and managers, as well as perform trainings tailor-made for specific projects. If necessary, we also bring in outsourcing companies, acting managers and specialists.

Operational consulting (Business consulting)

Specific nature of the projects with our participation sometimes requires solving day-to-day tasks. We act as clients’ consultants, helping them in budget planning, management of business processes, information systems selection, organizational structuring of their subsidiaries’ activities.

Project Management

Acting as project managers, we create project teams and companies, compile and support budgets, involve subcontractors, specialists and experts, manage project costs, organize and control project activities on a daily basis, manage risks and run the project.

Project development (Project Management, Vendor Management, Business Development)

We help our clients to develop their investment projects by performing following activities:

  1. Search, check and analysis of risks and contracting with potential business partners and contractors;
  2. Search and attraction of new clients;
  3. Introducing potential partners for alliances;
  4. Revising the project strategy and analysis of exit possibilities;
  5. Strategy development and efficiency improvement plan (capitalization growth).